This picture shows members of the project team trying out what it feels like to experience nature in a wheelchair or with a cane for the blind. The guide in the wheelchair leads the group.
© Umweltdachverband

October 2019: Hunting the Barriers in the Donau-Auen National Park

None of us would have thought that a 2 cm high edge on the bridge passage would leave the wheelchair stuck!  On the 22nd of October, our international project team of "Nature without Barriers" went on a barrier exploration in the National Park Donau-Auen near Vienna, Austria. For two hours, all participants were allowed to experience a nature trail in a wheelchair or blindfolded with the help of a cane. Together we checked where there were barriers hiding on the castle island in Orth. Here, the nature trail is going to be redesigned in a barrier-free way in the near future.. The exciting excursion was part of the Erasmus+ project meeting and became possible thanks to great organization by ÖZIV and Umweltdachverband. Together working for more Nature without Barriers!