The picture shows tactile models of insects. Models of this kind give blind and visually impaired people an impression of the shape. © GNF

Educational Material

The European project "Assuring the access to nature education and nature experience for impaired people" (acronym: Nature without Barriers) wants to foster adult education for nature experience by developing, testing and disseminating educational material. It concentrates on fostering skills of environmental educationists with respect to disabled people and provides guidance for two main questions:

  1. How can experts working in the field of environmental education improve their offer for guided nature experience for impaired people?
  2. How can nature trails be prepared and/or altered for the unaccompanied use by impaired people?

The material developed enables its users to set personal pedagogical goals and to follow the success thanks to accompanying checklists. The whole material is freely available for the broad audience under the Common Creatives-license on this webpage.

Our educational material is split into 4 groups:

Each part contains guidelines on the correspondent issue as well as best practice examples from different European countries. Checklists for pedagogical planning and feedback complete the offer and support the educationists when preparing and evaluating the offers.

Have a look - here you will certainly find something to expand your offer and acquire new skills!