Talk Round in the Urania in Berlin, Germany

We have happy news!
On 29 September 2021 we will talk about our topics:
Nature Conservation and Inclusion.
Inclusion means: All people can be part of it.
That is the goal of tuml.
We want everyone to be able to participate.
And we want everyone to be able to participate in nature conservation.

Together with the Urania, we are organising a talk round.
Talk round means:
We talk with other people about the topic.

We want to find out:
What barriers are there in nature?
What barriers are there in nature conservation?
How can everyone be involved and participate?

These people are taking part in the talk round:

Gülcan Nitsch
She is the founder of Yeşil Çember.
This is an environmental education organisation from Berlin.
Yeşil Çember is pronounced like this:
Yeşil Çember.

Reiner Delgado
He works for the DBSV.
This is an association for blind and visually impaired people.
Reiner Delgado has made an exhibition in Berlin.
It is an inclusive exhibition about nature in nature.

Thomas Schaefer
He is the director of the project "Nature without Barriers".
The project is for people with disabilities.
It is meant to enable them to experience nature.
And it aims to improve nature education.

Ulrike Bruckmann
She is the founder of tuml.
tuml stands for: Living participation and co-determination.
It is a project for people with and without disabilities.
Together, the tuml group writes books in easy language.

Do you want to be part of the talk round?
Then register on the Urania website:
Or you can send us an email to:

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